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TheraEssential Oil Blend - The Collection

In Stock
In stock

The Collection Contains:

Grace - Allow your entire body to be graced with oxygenated blood, heightened with pure essences to increase blood flow, separate cells and increase movement inside the body. The blend is infused/imprinted with coral crystal.

Radiance - Glowing with radiance and sparkling with vivacious warmth, this blend will help smooth light wrinkles, and allow brightness into every pore. Freshness and movement is the totality of this blend. The uplifting properties combines an "energetic cleanser for the lymph and skin. This blend has been infused/imprinted with yellow calcite crystal.

Revitalize - This blend encourages the body for weight management and purifies the cells to remove debris and return to their original state. This blend infused/imprinted with malachite crystal.